Rob Kelly's


"Utterly stunning"



"Wicked! Wicked!"

Like rabbits, BassMechanix loves making our family more and more massive! Like more massive than that M Beat ft General Levy song.....yeah you know the one, "Wicked! Wicked! Junglist massive!"
So when Rob Kelly from Fitted UK got in touch with us, we embraced him as one of our own and got right down to formulating our MASSIVE plan for his utterly stunning VW Golf MK2 VR6.


"Part of our family"

The most humbling aspect of this build was that Rob was prepared for a 160 mile round trip just so he could become part of our family. Not once, not twice but many times! This is what we live for...
So, we put together a setup that we thought complimented the car very well, to make big time BOOM! What you see below is the result of 2 weeks love, care and attention. We hope you love it Rob, and welcome to the family!

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