964 RS

"We get to work on our dream machines"

"3.2 RWD"


"We'll let the pictures do the talking"

BassMechanix is a blessing in that we get to work on our dream machines. Since a very early age ive dreamt of having a Porsche 964 RS. The noise, the smell, the feel - and when Mark brought this 964 to us we were beside ourselves.
Although his isnt a true RS, its not a kick in the arse of it. Mark has had the engine replaced from the 3.6 to a high revving 3.2. The 4wd system was removed for the lighter 2 wheel drive and all unnecessary weight like air con, ABS and power steering all pulled out to create a road going homage to a monster.


Simple/OEM Plus.

After the engine and chassis work came our turn. The brief was simple, to create an OEM plus style environment that quite simply bangs on the doors of heaven and hell.



We started by removing the cumbersome Porsche tombstone seats and replaced them with lightweight Recaro CS, rear seats removed to make space for the custom fibreglass vented enclosure. The door cards were remade to give a factory style RS theme with toe pull style door opener. Within the doors we mounted a Cerwin Vega 6.5” component kit to create good, clean volume.


The install

In the rear we installed a pair of Vega 12” VMAXX woofers in a custom vented enclosure – we wanted the enclosure to look OEM+ so we created a grill with the Porsche crest embodied within it.

The over all results – well, we’ll let the pictures do the talking.

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