VW Vento


Northern Collective


"After many doughnuts"

Let us present one of our first collaborations with Norther Collective, and their beautiful 1993 VW vento. Owner Steven Charlton came to us with a simple outlay, he wanted WOW, but with a clean cut image. We spent many nights deliberating on what wheels, seats and paint to go for and, after many doughnuts (not the smoky burnout type 😉) and espressos, we decided on Lamborgini silver mist metallic. Wheels were a classic BBS E50 imported new from canada - this boy's got some dedication!


"Cue alcantara"

The interior needed to have a race car feel, but be soft to the touch and incorporate the wow factor - cue Alcantara. Virtually everything that could be trimmed in charcoal alcantar was trimmed, roof lining, A pillars, B pillars, seat belt housings - even down to the kick trims. We had the rear harness bar made to sit on the original C pillar seat belt mounts to keep it away from the pair of subs that were going in.


"Ticks all the original brief"

Because Steven wanted a bit of a boot left, for when he goes away to shows, we decided on removing the rear bench and having the sub enclosure protruding into the cabin. Running a pair of monstrous Rockford Power 15s is no easy task though. The woofer enclosure measured in at a massive 6ft, coupled with the rockford mono amp, and its fair to say it banged and dropped! Show season is coming up quick and fast, and Steven has gripped the bull by the horns well and truly. We are looking forward to seeing you smash it this year brother! We look forward to pushing the limits with this partnership.....watch this space

Steven and everyone at Northern collective.....welcome to the madhouse!

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