1 Series

"Tight and responsive"



Alittle while back, we had the undeniably beautiful Hannah Heaviside come to us with her 1 Series BMW. A typical young lady, she wanted to keep the practicality of her boot space but wanted to have enough boom to give her all round BMW factory system that "je ne sais quoi" (yeah, I know it's French and the car is German, but that's beside the point!) The factory setup sounded nice but it was definitely missing what we love here at BassMechanix. BOOM!
Hannah wanted something that was a clean sound and definitely not as raucous as some of our MASSIVE builds, just tight and responsive.


"Wow her friends and family"

So we set about giving her a build that would wow her friends and family alike, but then added a stepped false floor with a cover plate so that when Hannah wasn't at the Metro Centre or in town buying goodies she could fill her boot without the build underneath getting damaged.


"Staying true"

As with most factory headunits nowadays, it isn't as simple as plugging an amp in and playing so we let the BassMechanix fairies that we keep in tins of Irn Bru and Jaffa Cakes at it and the rest was plain sailing after that. A minimalist, classy look is the best way to describe how this car has been modified on the exterior, so that is what we went for with Hannah's car, we wanted it to reflect both the car's look but also Hannah herself and as you can see below.....

.....I think we stayed true to our plan, we hope you love it as much as we did building it Hannah, welcome to the family!

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