Clio Sport.

The french car!


"A point in life."

Oh la la! I guess at some point we were gonna have to do a French car. There comes a point in life where a man has to do something that he really doesn’t want to, almost as if it were against his own will. Bit like being in Seven in Sunderland at 5.45am and locking eyes with a pensioner after numerous failed attempts at pulling what can only be described as bottom end 2/10’s.


"Liking what he saw"

All jokes aside though, Rhys Batey came to us much in the same fashion as our other family members, after seeing previous projects and liking what he saw (and HEARD obvs) and we ain’t prejudiced. With this being Rhys’s first project and him getting his kicks from the Clio 200 Cup’s nimbleness round the twisties, he felt the only thing missing from his life was a pair of RF Punch components, two RF 12” Power subwoofers and a RF Prime 4 channel amp…..well, he didn’t know that, but we told him. The perfect set up when considering both weight and space.



Long gone are the days of audio installs being impractical, and the 12” Power subs allowed us to put a false boot floor in without taking much depth from the boot at all. Being able to stealthily cover the subs up too ticked another of Rhys’ requirements off the list.

The sound is both crisp and tight and kicks the bollocks off the factory system. Rhys looked mega thankful for the change of trakky bottoms on the back seat when he first fired the system up.

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