Chris' Porsche


"Phoenix gold"


"The 90's"

Back in the 90’s a youth by the name of Chris Dobson used to frequent Bass Mechanix headquarters,pressing buttons, generally getting in the way and asking “how much is this mister”. Back in the day it was all about big names, such as Soundstream, PPI and Phoenix Gold. Far too expensive for the owner of a MK2 Fiesta! Times have moved on and many of these companies don’t exist or havechanged beyond all recognition. Our man is still into his cars though and is still hanging around.
The cars have improved a bit over the years though… Chris came to Bass Mechanix is help him out of a DIY nightmare. He’s been restoring and modifying a Porsche 911 (964) for the past 7 years, using premium parts from the 90s. The last area of attention was the audio and he set himself the brief of building a tidy, SQ style 1990s inspired build, using the gear that he couldn’t afford back in the day. He ran out of skill and time after the front doors though and turned to Montimus Maximus with an SOS.


"Crystal clear"

He had collected a set of 3 Phoenix Gold M Series amps and wanted them displayed in the front luggage compartment of the 964. The PG M Series were designed to handle insane loads with crystal clear sound. Vintage Phoenix Gold amps are bulletproof, however after 20 odd years the power supply caps leak which eventually leads to serious damage to the amplifier. Luckily these amps were all fully refurbed before they were bought in the USA and shipped to the UK.


"Classy with a few quirks"

The build had to look right for the car and the time period. Classy but with a few quirks. It had to be removable from the car, in case of problems with the fuelling system and for that sad day when the car is reverted to standard for re-sale. Bass Mechanix set to work to build a removable pod, housing the 3 amps on an angled rack. The pod was lined with black perspex, back-lit with white LED and edge lit with red. When lowered into place a carpeted trim surrounds the pod and ensures it looks factory-fit. A kill-switch has been added to allow the power to be shut-off for any other continuing restoration jobs.

A PPI cross-over network has been tucked-away out of sight.


"Holy grail"

Chris has also picked up his holy grail of subs, the Phase Linear Aliante 10. The Aliante’s were hand built in Italia back in the late 1990s. They used a thick aluminium honeycomb sandwiched between layers of fiberglass and Kevlar to form a plat piston cone. Its a true SQ sub than can handle a lot ofpower. Just right for the time period, but where was it going to fit in a 911? BassMechanix built a custom fibreglass box within the passenger footwell of the 964 and trimmed it in carpet the interior, adding Porsche badge detailing. Its also edge-lit with a red LEDs to keep people smiling at shows.


"Welcome to the family!"

The last job to tackle was to check-over and improve on the gear that was hidden in the factory positions in the front of the car. Chris had upgraded by Diamond Audio Hex Components, providing clear sound and a heck of a punch. The rear components had been deleted when Chris smoothed and leather covered the rear engine cover. The doors were fully sound deadened and the speakers re-settled to provide the best quality possible from the set-up.

Welcome to the family, Chris!!

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