Sick A3

"It's an honour"

Extra tasty


"Etching the plan"

Gabber head Marc Bendelow came in with his sick A3 after his first visit to us wetted his whistle for the way he wanted things to go. After a few trips to and from us from Durham we etched out a plan and the car came in.


"A shit ton of bass!"

The concave install with shelf overhead was the perfect housing and gives the best noise for Marc's music taste, just like ours, a shit tonne of bass! The three Rockford T1D410 10" top end subs give out some serious bangage for the Dutch stuff and enough low end bass for the heavy urban tunes. Every single hip hop and hardstyle track kicked our ribs out. The lighting with fully customisable lighting colours and quilt stitched alcantara finish the job off extra tasty.
Safe to say Marc is over the moon, it's an honour to have you on the team. Welcome to the famalam.

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